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L1: required minimum distribution (RMB)Thank you for a wonderful site! Question, RMB allows you to recalculate distribution each year. When recalcuating, is it possible to withdraw funds from the account and then calculate new sepp distribution for the year, or would thewithdrawal bust the SEPP?2009-09-14 18:08, By: phk, IP: []
L2: required minimum distribution (RMB)I’m not totally sure that I understand your question, but…
You divide the account balance by the factor to determine the distribution. You then take the distribution.
BTW… The minimum distribution method doesn’t allow you to recalculate annually, it mandates that you recalculate every year.2009-09-14 18:34, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: required minimum distribution (RMB)It is mandated that you recalculate, and before recalculate, you can’t take a non-sepp withdrawal, else it would considered a break in the sepp, I assume this is correct.2009-09-15 00:12, By: phpk, IP: []

L4: required minimum distribution (RMB)ONCE YOU SET UP A SEPP 72-T, YOU CANNOT TAKE ANY ADDITIONAL AMOUNTS ( except for the Benz case). You can REDUCE your annual payments by recalculating based upon the most recent 12/31 balance in the IRA accounts that constitute your SEPP 72-T UNIVERSE. ( If you recalculate after several months in the next year, make sure that you adjust the rest of the withdrawals for the year so that you do not exceed the recalculated annual limit for that year. Each following year will have a new annual amount under the recalculationn method.)2009-09-15 01:31, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []