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L1: Role over 457(b) plan into IRAI would like an opinion as to whether myassumptions are correct. I have a 457(b) plan through my state employer. I am opting to withdraw my contributions from my pension plan and place in the 457(b) plan upon retirement. SinceI am only 52, I cannot touch these funds until I turn 59 1/2 without a 10% penalty. Therefore, I am going to roll this 457(b) plan into an IRA, set a 72(t) SEPP and start withdrawing the funds immediately at age 52 and not incur the 10% penalty. Do you see anything wrong with this plan? I can leave my contributions in my pension account andrecievea larger monthly pension payment but I want to have more control of this portion of the funds. Thank you.2011-01-03 16:52, By: engr55, IP: []