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L1: Search Frustrating
When I search for a specific word or term, I do get a list of posts containing the term, but when I click on “View Details” to read the post, I cannot get back to the search list I created.
If I click on “Return to posts” to try to get back to my search list, it sends me back to the main forum, and when I click on the browser back-button, it sends me back to the main search input screen.
Is there any way to get back to my search listing? It kind of gets old when you have a lot of posts from your search output to read, and you end up having to re-enter a search for every post having that term that you want to read.
2009-03-15 16:39, By: mikex, IP: []

L2: Search FrustratingRight now that isn’t an option and it may be the summer before I have achance to look at it.
As an alternative, after doing your search and seeing the links, right click on the link (rather than just clicking on it)and openthe linkin a newtab or a new window. When you close the tab or the window,you will return to the search page.2009-03-15 17:43, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: Search FrustratingI just tried to send you an email via your contact link and got this message –
Please correct the following errors and try again.

Message missing. Please enter your message.

There was a message entered…2009-03-16 17:07, By: mikex, IP: []