SEP2017 120 midterm rate

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L1: SEP2017 120 midterm rateHello, do you know what the SEP2017 120% Federal Mid-term rate is? Do you have a good web address that I can go to so I don’t have to keep asking you guys? Thanks for all the help!2017-08-28 21:36, By: MIKEB, IP: []
L2: SEP2017 120 midterm rateJust posted.2017-08-28 22:09, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: SEP2017 120 midterm rateI used to go to the WSJ. They quit updating the page but have the following note:NOTICE TO READERS: This table has been discontinued and will no longer update. You can find this table by going to: , click the Advance Notices link, then sort the listing of pdf’s so the most recent report is at the top by clicking the Last modified column header link twice. This report is available around mid-month and the file name always starts with “rr”.The file for September is “rr-17-17.pdf”, the number we are interested in is located in Table 1:Mid-Term:120% AFR:Annual
Note: I hope posting this information does not skirt too close to the rule to not post links here.2017-08-29 11:49, By: Scotto, IP: []