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L1: switch to min dis methodI am in the final year of my sepp. For the last two years I have used the minimum disitrbution with joint life calculations having switched from the amortization method using single life calculations. Is this a problem?2010-02-04 06:15, By: John, IP: []
L2: switch to min dis methodWithout knowing any details, just making the change should not create any problems. 2010-02-04 20:16, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: switch to min dis methodChanging over from single life to joint life is not a problem, but be sure that the joint life expectancy is being determined by the primary beneficiary on the IRA used for the SEPP, and if more than one primary beneficiary exists, use the age of the oldest. If using more than one IRA account for the SEPP, then use the age of the oldest beneficiary on any of those accounts for the joint calculation.2010-02-05 02:46, By: Alan S., IP: []