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L1: t20 interest rateWhat interest rate can I use when running the three different options. I know is it 120% of midpoint from feds, does it have to be 3.35% or can it be 3.335%. Meaning is it hundreth or a percent or is a thousanth of a percent ok.
It does state any interest rate lower than 120% midpoint. The other problem I am having is running that on the software ths website has, only let you go to the hundreth. Thanks for help.2009-03-26 18:50, By: jason, IP: []

L2: t20 interest rateYou can use any interest rate lower that the rates published by the IRS.
With that said, where did you come up with 3.35% – the max rate for a plan started in March is 2.48%, April is 2.33% and May is 2.59% – Or were planning on waiting until interest rates start back up?
The calculators do only allow 2 decimal places. If you want to use three decimal places, merely get a financial caluclator or spread sheet and you’ll be able to use as many decimal places as you want. However on$1 million dollars the difference between 3.55 and 3.56 is about $70/Year – less than$6/month.
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L3: t20 interest ratewhat is the calculation I would use if I short hand or compute it in a spreadsheet? I am looking at the fixed amortization method. thanks.2009-03-26 21:52, By: jason, IP: []

L4: t20 interest rateMortgage Amortization. It is build into most spreadsheet programs. Once you get started merelty check the results against our calculators uisng 2 decimalsand then move on to 3 (or 33) decimals.2009-03-26 23:03, By: Gfw, IP: []

L2: 72t interest rateJason,
For more details on Gordon’s reply, read the top section of this Fed Midterm Rates page below fromhis site, and look at the ACTUAL rate columns for the most recent months to see how they correspond to thehighest applicable rate he shows for each of the coming months in RED, and that is why he is concerned about you quoting the 3.35% rate. KEN
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L3: 72t interest rateIt was just a rate I threw out. I am gonna be taking out $12,600 exactly to pay a life insurance premium and just need to know the interest rate that I need out of an account of $226,000. I have ran the options, just cannot do it without going to the thousanth and I know the calculator here cannot do that calculation for my proof. so, need to know how to do it shorthand or in a spreadsheet.2009-03-27 01:55, By: jason, IP: []

L4: 72t interest rateThe 12,600 will be an annual premium cost? If it is a one time expense, your 72t plan must still remain in force until the modification date, which is the longer of 5 years or until you reach 59.5.2009-03-27 03:56, By: Alan S., IP: []

L4: 72t interest rateIf you are tying to be exact, then you will also need to increase the 12,600 by the estimated income tax rate since you will need to take out funds that aregreater than 12,600 in order to have 12,600 left to pay the insurance premium.
This is starting to sound like a sales gimick proposed by an insurance agent. Is it?2009-03-27 10:27, By: Gfw, IP: []

L5: 72t interest rateNo sales gimmick, just estate planning.2009-03-27 19:13, By: jason, IP: []