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L1: using 7520 table for SEPP withdrawlHi, for purposes of SEPP withdrawl for march 2011 can I use the 7520 AFR rate which is 3% as opposed to the 1274(d) rate which is currently 2.94. The 7520 rate is 120% of the mid term rate however rounded 2 tenths. Thanks Bob2011-03-02 20:31, By: bob, IP: []
L2: using 7520 table for SEPP withdrawlYou can use the published AFR rate of 2.94%. With that said, the maximum rate for a plan started in March is 2.8%. The 2.94% rate can be used by plans starrting in April or May.Maximum Interest Rates for 72(t) & 72(q) SEPP Plans where the initial distribution occurs during the following time periods: 03/01/2011-03/31/2011: 2.80% | 04/01/2011-04/30/2011: 2.94% | 05/01/2011-05/31/2011: 2.94%2011-03-02 20:42, By: Gfw, IP: []