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L1: VANGUARD SEPP BOOKLETI believe that Vanguard discontinued their 20-page SEPP booklet because ofseveral primary reasons :
1. Some tax law changes and/or IRS changes in interpretations, or lack of clarity of some IRS interpretations ( like “partial transfers”).
2. Vanguard’s change to coding all 5329 forms with a “1” code, similar to most companies, but possibly described differently in the original booklet.
3. Some changes in Vanguard services concerning SEPP 72-T plans. For example, they may have initially done the calculations, but as we know, most, if not all, companies indicate that it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to do the calculations, etc. Companies usualy do not require copies of birth certificates to verify birth dates, and they do not know if you have told them ALL of the IRA accounts that you are including in your SEPP 72-T UNIVERSE. You might tell them only the ones that a particular company handles. Or, you might have had “non-deductible contributions” which are elected by taxpayers and their tax preparers, and are never reported to the IRA companies, but only to the IRS on form 8606. Remember, there is no such thing as a “Non-Deductible IRA Account”.
4. Vanguard has therefore probably just simplified the explanation of the basics of SEPP 72-T plans, and indicated the services that they are providing now. For more complicated situations, or where complex planning might be required, you should be using an experienced, qualified professional.2010-09-11 03:40, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []