What “age” do you use???

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L1: What “age” do you use???Use the age you will turn on your birthday for the year you are recieving the contribution … Is this correct???Example: present age is 50birthday is in OctoberPlanning to open the SEPP in Jan./2011, So I would use the age of52 …… CORRECT2010-06-27 02:30, By: Rick in Ohio, IP: []
L2: What “age” do you use???YES2010-06-27 03:00, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: What “age” do you use???It is the age you will attain by 12/31 of the year that you start taking SEPP payments, so yes.. use 52 in calcs if you start getting payments in 2011. Ken2010-06-27 03:34, By: Ken, IP: []