Will Roth portion of my TSP cause any problems with 72t withdrawal?

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L1: Will Roth portion of my TSP cause any problems with 72t withdrawal?
I would like to do a 72t withdrawal from my TSP account (federal worker 401K type account). However, a small portion of my TSP is in a Roth. TSP account total is 425K with 415K in traditional and 10K in roth. The TSP currently lumps them together and there is no way I can separate them. My question is whether using the entire 425K including the Roth portion will cause any problems with the 72t withdrawal. Thanks for any help you can provide.
DOB 1/11/65
Expect to take first monthly distribution 1/22/19.
Withdrawal amount 1950/month.
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L2: Will Roth portion of my TSP cause any problems with 72t withdrawal?
I am not knowledgeable about the TSP plan, but Alan is.
In general, when someone is 54 (and will not be 55 until next January), we usually ask if you will be separating from service, and if your employer will allow you to take periodic partial distributions starting when you separate from service. If so, then it usually suggested that you wait until next January if you are eligible for such an arrangement, if you have other sources to get you thru your 54 year.
By waiting under that scenario you would not be locked in now for 5 1/2 years until you reach 59 1/2, and could take whatever amount you wanted/needed whenever you wanted them.
Alan will know if this approach is viable with a TSP plan. It does not apply to IRA accounts.
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L3: Will Roth portion of my TSP cause any problems with 72t withdrawal?
The TSP is not well suited for 72t plans because of all it’s distribution restrictions and lack of flexibility. Some of these restrictions will be lifted in Sept. 2019 including having to include your Roth TSP in the distributions, but by that time you would be committed and would have to receive pro rated Roth TSP funds, two different 1099R forms, and roughly 2% of your distribution non taxable Roth money. An IRA rollover and 72t plan from the TIRA is the safer and simpler choice for not ending up with a busted plan. If you leave a small balance in the TSP you could roll the traditional IRA (but not the Roth) back into the TSP after your plan ends in 5.5 years. If you still want to use the TSP despite these drawbacks, you might consider waiting until October and taking advantage of much broader distribution options.
But perhaps you do not even need a 72t. Were you a public safety officer under the newer expanded definition? If so, you can take penalty free distributions from the TSP if you retired in the year you reached 50 (not 55) or later. When did you retire?
2019-01-15 17:40, By: Alan S, IP: []

L4: Will Roth portion of my TSP cause any problems with 72t withdrawal?
I retired in August at age 53 under a voluntary early retirement and am not a LEO, so I do need to do a SEPP withdrawal.
It sounds like including the Roth is inconvenient (two 1099s) and not great tax wise (interfering with the growth of the tax free Roth), but does not automatically bust a SEPP withdrawal.
For some reason seeing the Roth amount in there rang a bell as not okay, but I’m gathering it’s just not a wise choice investment wise. In my case it’s so small I’m not that concerned (less 250 a year over the life of the SEPP). I do wish the TSP hadn’t taken 2 years to update its withdrawal options, but I like the low fees and pretty much guaranteed distribution on a specific date.
2019-01-15 19:33, By: Treeclimber, IP: [2600:1012:b14c:b827:8154:afb7:c84d:8fb9]

L5: Will Roth portion of my TSP cause any problems with 72t withdrawal?
If you think the TSP will meet their deadline for the expanded distribution options in Sept, you could wait and then use those options. While I am not aware of any specific IRS guidance on the subject, I expect that even though the TSP must maintain separate accounts for the traditional and Roth portions, this is still just a single plan. Therefore, your account balance for the 72t calculation should include the entire plan balance on the appropriate date, but after Sept you could direct the entire TSP distribution to come from the traditional portion. You would then only get one 1099R with the full distribution taxable, and your Roth TSP account would not be tapped.
The TSP will also be adding quarterly and other options beyond monthly distributions. Finally, note that even if your first distribution were in October, you would then have a 5 year plan and your October distribution should be a full annual amount. You would still get the 23k distribution for the year, but you would have to wait 9 months to get it.
NOTE: IRAs held at major brokerages have many ETFs and index funds with comparable expense ratios as the TSP, but perhaps not have an option identical to the G fund.
2019-01-15 20:50, By: Alan S, IP: []